2015 Speaker: Laura Schale and Joe Trace from ProArts

2015 Speaker: Laura Schale and Joe Trace from ProArts

The Scotland Summit is excited to announce that both Laura Schale and Joe Trace will be presenting at the Summit.  They are from ProArts Media, a creative visual marketing company!

Laura Schale joined ProArts in 2012 as a Videographer and Editor, and has since added Marketing Director to her role in the company. She has the creative vision to capture a brand and piece it together through her editing and visual storytelling skills.  Laura graduated from Shippensburg University with a degree in Communication/Journalism. She enjoys working with our various clients to understand the message they want to convey and how to best share that message through video. ProArts considers Laura’s knowledge of current trends in digital media one of her strongest attributes.  She is involved the Chambersburg Chamber Connections Group, the 11/30 Young Professionals Network, the B2B Expo Committee, and various volunteer opportunities in both the Chambersburg and Shippensburg communities. Laura can share a wealth of knowledge to anyone who shows interest, and also enjoys learning more herself!

Joe proartsTrace joined the ProArts Team at the beginning of 2015. Joe’s experience in Business Development has brought increased opportunities to the company, and he is always looking to make new connections open to increasing their marketing reach. Before joining ProArts, Joe has had several years experience in being responsible for business development and multiple levels of account management.  A highlight of Joe’s marketing career has been obtaining Creative of the Year for consecutive years during his time at an advertising company, and he is looking forward to creating more award winning work for his clients. Joe is part of the Chambersburg Chamber Connections and enjoys attending mixers and events hosted by the various businesses in the surrounding areas. Joe works hard to help clients reach their marketing potential and loves watching it all come together!

ProArts Media is a creative visual marketing company.  We help you grow your business by telling your story through video and photography and we’re looking forward to telling yours!  Our team is made up of passionate individuals with skill sets that enable each of us to be proficient in what we offer.  #PressPlay on marketing for your business!

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