2015 Speaker: Patrick Ryan General Manager Magnum Broadcasting

2015 Speaker: Patrick Ryan General Manager Magnum Broadcasting

patrPatrick Ryan, General Manager of NEWS TALK 1037FM and Corporate Brands Strategist for Magnum Broadcasting, has confirmed that he will be speaking at the 2015 Scotland Summit.

Magnum Broadcasting has holdings in Chambersburg, State College, Philipsburg, & Lock Haven Pennsylvania plus Watertown, NY.

Patrick Ryan started his radio career at 12 years of age and, aside from a brief visit to the insurance category, has focused on nothing else One of the youngest DJ’s in the country at one point, Ryan moved on to manage and program multiple radio formats across New York & New England.

By the early 2000’s Ryan stepped away from the microphone and into the sales-management/ownership side of the business.

To his friends and clients Patrick Ryan is known as The Great Connector. “I enjoy meeting new people and new businesses everyday but the real joy I derive is connecting business people that never would have connected before,” Ryan remarked.

Amazon Prime Credits Radio More Than Digital Or TV For Sales! From Forbes.com, Doug Schoen notes “…radio dominated other mediums including digital for driving traffic.” Patrick Ryan will show you from the inside how to use radio, the questions to ask of your sales representative, the realistic expectations of your campaign, and how to connect it with ease to all of your digital efforts.

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